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CAMS 2024

CAMS2024 Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Symposia Chairs

Additive manufacturing – Prof Milan Brandt (RMIT University), Prof Gwenaelle Proust (University of Sydney)
Advances in materials characterisation – A/Prof Matthew Griffith (UniSA), Prof Laure Bourgeois (Monash University)
Metals, alloys, casting & thermomechanical processing Prof Nikki Stanford (UniSA), Prof Sophie Primig (UNSW Sydney), Prof Michael Preuss (Monash University)
Biomaterials & nanomaterials for medicine – A/Prof Khoon Lim (University of Sydney), Dr Tushar Kumeria (UNSW Sydney)
Ceramics, glass and refractories – Prof Chris Sorrell (UNSW Sydney)
Corrosion & wear – Dr Li Chang (University of Sydney), Prof Raman Singh (Monash University)
Materials for energy generation, conversion and storage – A/Prof Neeraj Sharma (UNSW Sydney), Prof Guoxiu Wang (University of Technology Sydney)
Computational materials science - simulation & modelling – Dr Patrick Burr (UNSW Sydney), Dr Dylan Agius (Defence Science and Technology Group)
Nanostructured/nanoscale materials and interfaces – Dr Sajjad Seifi Mofarah (UNSW Sydney), Prof Anonio Tricoli (ANU)
Progress in cements, geopolymers and innovative building materials – Dr Ali Hadigheh (University of Sydney), A/Prof Ailar Hajimohammadi (UNSW Sydney)
Surfaces, thin films & coatings – Prof Colin Hall (UniSA), Dr Andrew Ang (Swinburne University of Technology)
Polymer technology– Dr Antonella Sola (CSIRO), A/Prof Melanie MacGregor (Flinders University)
Composite technology -  Prof Sarah Zhang (Western Sydney University), Dr Omar Alajarmah (University of Southern Queensland), Dr Shuhua Peng (UNSW Sydney)
Waste materials and environmental remediation/recycling – A/Prof Pramod Koshy (UNSW Sydney), Prof Vladimir Strezov (Macquarie University)
Semiconductors and electronic materials – A/Prof Danyang Wang (UNSW Sydney), Dr Leigh Sheppard (Western Sydney University)
Materials for nuclear and extreme environments – Prof Anna Paradowska (University of Sydney), Dr Daniel Gregg (ANSTO)
Advances in Science and Technology of Ceramics (AOCF) - Dr Andrew Ang (Swinburne University of Technology), Prof W-H Tuan (National Taiwan University)
Poster Session -  Dr Thomas Dorin (Deakin University), A/Prof Melanie MacGregor (Flinders University)

For further information about CAMS2024, contact Tanya Smith on or +61 3 9326 7266.